A collaboration with the Designstuff team | Photography by Simon Shiff

Working closely with founder Christina Fedders, Angela was commissioned to create a Melbourne flagship store to showcase a diverse selection of Scandinavian home decor, furniture, gifts and artwork.

Angela created a space that was instantly recognisable and linked to the established Designstuff brand. A showroom that blends both retail space and a design-lovers-paradise.

A warm and paired back colour palette, textural materials and plenty of sunlight are the backbone of Angela’s design.  Layered curtaining, textured backdrops and multi-levelled plinths house styled product vignettes, while a bathroom and kitchen display allow the offering to be experienced in its intended lifestyle setting.  Each element has the ability to be altered, refinished or reinvented promising a fresh experience with each visit and enabling Designstuff to be at the forefront of ever-changing design trends.

‘…true to the Designstuff aesthetic by utilising a considered palette of soothing colours, natural materials, and plenty of sunlight’ – Christina Fedders, Designstuff