Richmond Hill

Photography by Armelle Habib | Furnishing by Simone Haag | Styling by Sarah Conly

Angela used clever spacial planning to re-orientate the room towards the garden, improving the functionality and feel of the living space.

A marble plinth with a bespoke grey timber cabinet conceals a TV when not in use. The veined marble and cabinet’s soft rounded edges, gold handles and timber texture compliment the feminine wallpaper and create a cohesive whole.

Bespoke cabinetry was continued on the adjacent wall to provide ample storage.  The addition of warm peach coloured mirror above, reflects the exterior view and casts a feminine glow across the space.

Furniture, wallpaper and sheer curtains chosen by Simone Haag add a soft feel to compliment the clients creative style.

A colourful family home that truly represents it’s owners.